Implement a sales process that is in-line with your development process.

The Agile Methodology allows software development teams to be adaptive and encourages a rapid response to change. It only makes sense to also apply Agile to sales.

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The Process

  1. Understand your prospective leads:

    Create a detailed profile of those who benefit the most from your offering

  2. Reach out at scale with customized sales sprints:

    Employ tailored messaging within a customized cadence that will resonate with prospects

  3. Collect and interpret data:

    Understand how leads are responding to your messaging as you go

  4. Adapt for continuous improvement:

    Make informed decisions to help grow revenue exponentially

  5. Generate Attainable Quotas:

    Establish a predictable revenue model with accurate forecasts

Our Values

  • Individuals and teams over rigid processes
  • Generating revenue over meeting forecasts
  • Prospect interactions over a collection anecdotes
  • Responding to change over following a plan

About Us

We are a team of sales and business development professionals that have experience working with small to medium sized tech companies. We are passionate about updating traditional sales processes that encourage high activity while keeping up with an evolving product.

We are well equipped to help implement a repeatable sales process that can scale as the company grows.

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We believe in the power of relationships, and we want to get to know you and your business better.

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